Causes of Insomnia

Topics: Hypertension, Insomnia, Circadian rhythm Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: December 22, 2008
Sleeping plays an important role in our life. According to statistics by scientists, we spend on average one third of our life time on sleeping. Nowadays, insomnia rate is increasing dramatically. Some reasons are to blame for insomnia, namely psychological disorder, physical disorder and some other temporary factors.

First of all, insomnia can be the result of psychological disorder. Work nowadays requires a high intensity and people have to try their best to finish their duty. Sometimes, their effort does not work or they fail. Thus, they feel disappointed and fall into depression. In that situation, how can they have a good sleep? In addition, the unreasonable fears such as illusion, fear of ghost or dark, etc, can make people hard to close their eyes to rest their mind.

The second reason of insomnia is physical problem. External and internal diseases, namely high blood pressure, heart disease, allergy, and so on, cause pain and discomfort to patients. Thus, it is hard for them to sleep well. Furthermore, the level of melatonin - a kind of hormone, which helps control sleep, declines during the process of women’s pregnancy, menopause and the over sixty - year old people. In addition, genetics is considered to play part in insomnia. Psychologist Jeff Farley said, “ Problems with insomnia do seem to run in some families although the researchers have not yet identified how genetics play a role”.

Besides those above causes, there are many other factors. Obviously, several constant events cause short - term insomnia. For instance, some people use wine, beer, coffee everyday as a habit; these stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine in those drinks can interfere with sleep. From the point of Jeff Farley’s view, he announced that, “ While a drink or two before bed may help people relax, more than that can lead to fragmented sleep and wakefulness a few hours later”. Also, side effects of medicines, such as beta blockers, bronchoectasia, theophylline,fluoxetine, and...
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