Causes and effects of unemployment
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Cause and Effect of Unemployment

How is unemployment affecting the world? The recession, the failing economy, and the government losing money are things that cause unemployment. There is a strange unwillingness by both liberal and conservative commentators whom assess blame for the loss of well-paying American jobs. The causes are not only the recession and the collapse of the housing market, but bad decisions by the government and businesses that need to be addressed. Since 2000, the United States has lost millions of jobs due to outsourcing and in sourcing. In addition to unemployment for those eliminated the real wages for the jobs remaining have steadily declined. Since 2000, the United States manufacturing sector has lost 25 percent of their total manufacturing workforce (Zuckerman). I research the cause of unemployment, how it happens when it happened and what happened after it happened.

First, a recession has created a significant decline in economic activity across the entire country. A recession usually lasts longer than months, even years. In April, 2008, the United States economy slowed and caused us to enter a recession. A recession is something that no one wants to enter; it can affect a lot of peoples' lives. Many people lost their jobs, and prices on items went up. People got laid off construction, manufacturing, and retail. I think that most of the people who were laid off were from retail jobs. It was unfair to fire employees; the supervisors should have cut the workers hours back just a little. When people became jobless, they were jobless for a long period of time. Most people would find a job, but others could not. When we first went in a recession, a lot of people were shocked while others were not surprised. Some people acted as if they knew the recession was coming (Wehbe).

It is not a secret that the economy is in decline, and some would say it is failing. The failing economy has effects on how the world is conducted. Due to a

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