Cause of Depression

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Cause of Depression Analysis Worksheet

Purpose: The Cause of Depression Analysis Worksheet’s purpose is to guide your steps in analyzing the resources from the Resource List in u06s3 and Capella Library regarding the cause of depression from the perspective you have chosen to research. This worksheet will help lead you through the research process by providing you a systematic way to analyze the resources you have chosen to research. As you review resources, you will use the worksheet to analyze the authors’ positions on the issue and the arguments they present to support their positions. To fill out the worksheet, work your way down through the analysis components for each individual article and record your analysis for each component in the cell under the title of the article you are reviewing. When you have completed your analysis of individual articles, you can then look across the responses to compare and contrast the perspectives on the issue. You will submit your Cause of Depression Analysis Worksheet to the Unit 6 assignment area.

Name of Perspective: Cognitive

Analysis Components
Cause of Depression Research Articles
APA citation for article

APA citation for article

The main purpose of this article is . . . [State as accurately as possible the author’s purpose for writing the article. What is the author’s position or point of view?] The purpose of this article is the causes of depression its core and what still somewhat of a mysterious. Some physicians thoughts and point of view is that depression could be caused by physical and mental development"s from within that later affect an individual. Often times because the way the brain works it could trigger symptoms caused by depression. The change can affect an individual's mood causing them to feel happy, and disregarding the things they use too enjoy doing on a daily basis.A an individual with depression usually starts manifesting signs that include feeling unhappy, empty,...
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