Cause and Effects of Traffic Accidents

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Cause and Effect Essay

Is It Worth The Risk?

There are many factors that can lead to traffic accidents. Irresponsible and careless actions of drivers, inclement weather and distracted driving are three major factors. Consequences of these three factors depend on a few variables. Among these variables are the impact of the collision, the number of vehicles involved and if the vehicles occupants were protected by the seat belts and/or air bags.

Careless and irresponsible driving includes a diverse arrangement of bad actions by drivers. One of those being drunk driving. Drunk drivers are very prone to automobile accidents because alcohol impairs a person’s sight, judgment, and ability to react fast enough to save themselves from an accident. Another careless action would have to be forgetting to check mirrors and/or blind spots when attempting to change lanes. Tailgating and aggressive driving would fall under the irresponsible category. When following too close to another driver a person has less time to react to a situation that may cause the driver they are following to stop abruptly.

Weather conditions are another factor in traffic accidents. Heavy rain, hail or snow can impair your ability to see other drivers at a distance and judge how far away from you they are. Driving too fast in thick fog can be a major contributor to automobile accidents also. Another weather factor is ice being on the...
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