Cause and Effects of Boken Family

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Johannes Kepler Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: August 20, 2013
Review of Related literature and studies

This chapter presents foreign and local articles. Reports and journal publications that will support the related literature, and studies to the present study on “ Cause and Effects of broken family in ZNNHS (main), Dipolog city. Literature

Over the course of one life-¬changing summer, Ella Mackenzie, a plucky and preternaturally mature fifth-going-on-sixth grader, is sent to what she calls Broken Family Camp. Ella’s family is broken all right, in all the ways we might expect a plucky and preternaturally mature narrator’s family to be broken, and then some. Sick/absent/dead parent? Check, double check. Her mother has leukemia — Extreme Cancer, Ella calls it — and is about to have a stem cell transplant. Her father, who works as a guide at an outdoor travel adventure company, has literally gone fishing, as he has for most of Ella’s childhood. (Her cellphone’s ring tone for him is “Nowhere Man.”) An only child, she has no memories of her parents together. “When people divorce, the situation is bad but not a complete disaster,” she explains. “The kids eventually get stepparents and maybe half siblings, back-and-forth schedules between houses and divided-up vacations. We had a lot of that in Santa Rosa. But when we Mackenzies do things, we do them all the way. It’s Extreme Divorce, like some kind of reality-TV show.”And as a result of this extremity, Ella is forced to spend the summer with the paternal grandmother she has never met, an intimidating widow with “the air of a queen,” who inspires comparisons ranging from Darth Vader to Cruella de Vil, someone “you’ve heard stories about but don’t believe actually exists,” who lives in a deeply eccentric adobe in Albuquerque that Ella calls the House of Mud. At the start of this delightful and surprising novel, which quickly transcends the familiar arc of “young narrator in extreme circumstances,” we are given Ella’s illustration of the House of Mud. It includes such rooms...
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