Cause and Effects essay

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Cause and Effect Essay
There is no doubt that education is essential to people's lives. Having a good educational background is an important factor to get a good job and to work effectively. However, one of the saddest issues in today's society is the college dropout rate in many college or university remains very high. Some people are successful because they have the motivation and determination to graduate college; others are less lucky because they start college and feel as if they lack the preparation, desire, discipline or ability to succeed academically or persevere until a degree has been earned. This leads to quite a situation–to find the support needed to continue or to dropout? Whether you’re realizing that college isn’t for you, family issues, laziness or even debt, understanding some of the common causes and effects of quitting college may aid in the decision.

College is an investment. Students either pay for college themselves, possibly with family support or scholarships, or with financial aid. Many students drop out of college because they can’t or don’t want to take on any more student loan debt. The consequence of dropping out at this point is that you have already piled up sizable debt and loan payments (students who drop out of college are required to pay back a portion of their federal-aid funds such as the Pell Grant) that you have to begin paying back several months after you quit school, yet you don’t get the payoff of a degree. Many financial aid administrators feel that the government shouldn’t penalize poor students for dropping out of college, and nor should lower-income students have to “punch a clock” in order to receive their grant money. Satisfying all the academic requirements and paying all your bills is both necessary and sufficient for being eligible to graduate.

In addition to any debt you must repay, your earning potential without a degree is much lower to degree holders. Thus many college dropouts struggle to cover...
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