Cause and Effect the Indian-Pakistani Conflict and the Prospect of Nuclear War.

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Nuclear proliferation, Nuclear weapons Pages: 9 (2713 words) Published: October 31, 2005
Nuclear war is something that we have all heard about. It seems to be overdramatized in movies. But perhaps the movies are right. Maybe we are on the brink of a chasm so dark and ominous that it drowns out all faith and light. A nuclear holocaust occurring would wipe out all of civilization as we know it. We would be essentially thrown into a dark age. Never in the history of the world has there been such a dramatic event, but that does not mean that it cannot happen.

"Once we all lived in peace, but when technology increased we went to war." If humans followed a set system like that we would have already destroyed one another. Perhaps we have already in the past. Perhaps nuclear power is what will bring us back to the dark ages. This is a topic that has concerned the world for many years. But I fear that too few people are paying heed to the threat of nuclear war.

"Face this, the missile's on the way.
Crisis, will the bomb be dropped today?
Last war, to end this bloody mess.
Danger, It's you the real menace.

With all their foes their doing away.
We're all in this - hey hey hey.
No one dares to talk aloud 'bout the real imminent crisis.
The gruesome leaders are counting their bombs.
Weatherly 2Blow them straight up your arse.
There's no cover in the case of war. Come on, drop it!

Sirens - sirens in the heat.
Fighting - on your TV screen.

The secret bases are alarmed, the troops are on the alert.
The counter attack is set on foot.
Depends on a single word.

With all their foes their doing away.
And all enclosed have to die.
There's no cover in the case of war.

Nuclear war.
That's the nuclear war.

Watch out - for the news today. Fallout - over israel.

The bomb has struck in morningtime.
A shelter won't be of use.
A few survived to waste away.
But they'll never know the cause, of the nuclear war."

Although a nuclear war seems like something that will never happen in our lifetime, it is actually much more eminent that you might think. The largest threat of war in this day is between the nations of India and Pakistan. Many believe that war is in the "Nuclear Shadow."(Nuclear Issues) The Indian-Pakistani conflict has been a continuous event since 1947 when the nations were formed.

When India and Pakistan were created, there was an area that was left undefined. Both countries claimed Kashmir as part of their own country. This caused much dispute amid the two nations and led to war.(Historical Background) The war eventually ends and Kashmir is divided by a line of control. However India gets a better deal with the line Weatherly 3of control so Pakistan is not sedated by the line.

War breaks out again in Kashmir in 1956.(Tellis) Indian troops attack Pakistani militants that crossed the Line of Control. This actions escalates into a full scale war and the fighting quickly spreads from Kashmir to all of India. In September of 1956 Pakistan and India launch air attacks at each other's capitals.(Lal Koul)

This war almost became a world war. China threatened to intervene in the war. They would have supported India. But China was dissuaded by the United States and Britain, who would have supported Pakistan. This war eventually ends and another ling of control is drawn. This one is more equal in dividing Kashmir.(Historical Background)

In 1971, it seems that Pakistan is going to cave in on itself. East Pakistan demanded more autonomy from West Pakistan. Pakistan was thrown into civil war. When East Pakistan attacked Pakistan's territories in Kashmir India became belligerent again and attacked both East and West Pakistan. As soon as the war ended a new nation was formed from East Pakistan(Indian-Pakistani Conflict). That Nation is Bangladesh.

In 1980, the Muslim population of Kashmir revolts against Indian rule. The ‘revolution' could never get organized though due to the fact that some wanted independence, while others wanted union...
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