Cause and Effect of Media Sensatonalism

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When something is reported in a sensational manner it typically causes a media frenzy. When this happens the information is not always correct. The media reports can cause the public to panic or rally together. This type of reporting is not limited to just the news reports. It can be anything that is reported, from an attack to news in the medical fields. It can be easier for reporters to report on superficial controversies then to research more in depth and substantive problems. The more complex problems will be sacrificed in order to make it more gripping.(David F. Ransohoff, 2001)

It seems that journalist have become more interested in the size of their audience. They have forgotten what they were supposed to do. They were supposed to inform the public on the happenings in their community. They are supposed to do this so the public can make informed decisions. (Rowland, 1998)

Media sensationalism uses fear, anger and excitement to increase their viewers. It has run so deep that it is now almost impossible to depict accurate or inaccurate reporting. It has eroded the awareness levels of the people. This has caused people to limit the time they spend watching or reading the news. It has caused people to take some things lightly.(Rowland, 1998)

Media sensationalism has also cause widespread panic and fear. The exaggerated news about the swine flu caused everyone to keep their kids out of school. People did not leave their homes as they normally would. If they were new anyone that sneezed they were running for the doctor. Yes there were some issues with the swine flu however it was not catastrophic. (Mehrotra, 7/27/2011)

It has been researched that we tend to scan for information that is related to survival and reproduction. We tend to be attracted more to sex and violence. The news reporters or writers have set it up to concentrate on these types of stories. They do this to invoke the human sensory system. The sensationalism can...

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