Cause and Effect: Non-Distracted Driving V. Distracting Driving

Topics: Drunk driving, Mobile phone, Automobile Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Heather Rogers

Compare & Contrast

English Comp II

Honestly how can we compare drunk driving and texting while driving? Many think that texting while driving is worst than being under the influence of alcohol, when operating a motor vehicle. Enough people have been hurt or killed by texting while driving and drunk drivers. Time has came to put an end to drunk driving and texting while driving. Majority of the people that who text while driving are teens to young adults. When they are driving by themselves that is when they pick up that phone to text or to call their friends. Talking on the cell phone you increase your chances to have an accident. Texting while driving their reaction time is the safe distance between vehicles decreases by 35% (in-text citation.) Only 1 in 5 admit that they text while driving. Some studies have showed that drivers between 16-20 years of age are at greater risk being involved into a fatal car accident than older more experience drivers, with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at 0.00. Young drivers have inclination of risking driving such as speeding. Their lack of experience renders them incompetent to handle a hazardous situations, while operating a motor vehicle. According to the National Highway and Traffic Administration (NHTA) survey 3 out of 10 people have had a alcohol related accident. Between the drinking and driving and texting while driving both are dangerous no can honestly say that they can have the reaction time as a non-distracted driver.
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