cause and effect essay- 3 negative impacts of technology

Topics: Internet, Bullying, MySpace Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: October 18, 2013

Technology is ever-changing in today’s day and age and has affected us individually, and as a society either negatively or positively depending on the perspective. Technology has negatively impacted me in three specific ways. The first way technology has impacted my life caused a decrease in the number of face-to-face interactions I have daily. With technology assisting or occupying the majority of our day, the conversations we participate in daily are more often limited to a text or phone call. The second way technology has affected my life has caused an increase in the amount of bullying found online among students. With social media being the new façade for students to anonymously pick on one another, there’s been a noticeable increase in physical violence in schools, as well as a soaring statistic in pre-teen and teen suicides. The third and final way technology has negatively impacted my life caused less personal thinking in my daily routine. A phone, for example, has Internet connection, a calculator, a dictionary, a thesaurus and multiple other assistive apps to help simplify our daily tasks.

In a week alone, the average teen will send 854 texts, spends 31 hours on a computer and watch 21 hours of television. The first negative impact technology has had on my life is the amount of time it consumes. With social media occupying the majority of our schedules, the amount of conversations we engage in daily are limited to a text or phone call. While these new forms can be assistive in long distance communication, it also changes the way we interact among one another. Communicating over text messaging can be misinterpreted; distracting and can even affect our mood. Studies suggest that there can be a correlation found between social interactions and the way we feel. When our schedules are busy and others are constantly surrounding us, our mood generally gets better. Social media is causing us a lack...
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