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How should the dealership overcome all the Gap 3 issues that they faced in order to insure consistent delivery? Concerning service performance gap (gap-3) some key issues have been identified during gaps assessment by dealer advisory panel. Below issues are mentioned with recommended actions to resolve those issues and close gap-3. First issue was related to lack of qualified mechanics and limited sources to find new ones. Since qualified resources is a critical factor in quality of service delivered especially if we are taking about pure service contracts such as CSA, caterpillar should identify major recruitment agencies which usually have contacts of highly qualified technicians and engineers specialized in differed well known equipment. In case qualified resources needed, caterpillar can help their dealers to obtain required competences. Usually such demands occur at high load time and such resources can be hired for short term contracts. From the other side, permanent resources should receive continues technical and non technical training. Such trainings can be put in broader frame of personal development plan with clear objectives. Employees should be motivated to accomplish this plan though linkage to employees bounce and managers should be encouraged to help their subordinate and control the whole process. Second issue was the lack of teamwork and proper communication among different departments that make provision of service difficult. To resolve these issue dealers must focus on improving interfaces between departments such as sales, service and logistics. Required improvement can be achieved enhancing the current operation processes or design a new ones incase processes are not exist. Dealers should understand that they may have to make re-organization if necessary to achieve efficient operations and good interfaces. Sales will not be able to capture new opportunities without service feedback about current customer pain and services department...
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