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1. What “story” does management at Caterpillar recount as a way of communicating the company’s redesigned values? Why are these stories important? 2. Caterpillar uses the “story” of the School Bus Project, “Embark,” to recount the way they communicate the company's redesign value. This story is important because the company knows that a healthy environment helps shape the growth and depicts valuable attributes within the company. It decided to retrofit school buses to have all students ride on cleaner and greener buses- possibly from the pressure of the U.S. Government. Lastly, it is important because improves the company's creditability and also its bottom- line. Caterpillar uses four goals within its structure- integrity, commitment, excellence, and teamwork. 3. What role do leaders play in shaping Caterpillar’s organizational culture? 4. Because Caterpillar prides itself in value creation, the leaders play a pivotal role in modeling; setting the perfect example and leading by example. Because the expectations are so high, Caterpillar has to make its values apart of everyday culture.

| |Why is it difficult to change a company’s organizational culture, and how can management know when a permanent change has successfully occurred?

5. It is difficult to change a company's organization culture because employee's are often stagnant in their proactive role at work, team members have bought into previous goals to success within the company, or because, as it's in human nature, people do not like change and will be defensive because they aren't sure of the future plan. A management team will know that a change was successful by the positive aura of employees, good perception from outside sources, and the profit growth of the changed variable.

6. What do you think will be the most stressful career stage? Why? 7. I believe the most stessful career stage is establishment. When I initially entered the work force it was absolutely stressful...
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