Catcher in the Rye Songs

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1. Aerosmith- Dream On
This song is significant to this chapter because Holden talks about his ambitions and the troubles hes gone through in his past and this song is just about going after what you want in life and not stopping along the way and that represents Holden a lot. 2. Whats my Age Again?- Blink 182

This song is significant to this chapter because Holden always says that people think he's older than he is and that he has gray hair and that he is really tall and this song talks about not remembering how old you are. 3. Teenagers- My Chemical Romance

This song is significant to this chapter because there are many different sides to Holden and one of them is being a little kid and this song talks about being adolescent. Holden always asks abut the ducks in the park and seems to be afraid of growing up. 4. Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody

This song is significant to this chapter because it talks about how there is no escape from reality and questioning the real life and Holden often questions his life being real. 5. Unwell - Matchbox Twenty

This song is significant to this chapter because the character in the song talks about not having a lot of friends and it also talks about being an outcast and those two things describe Holden a lot. 6. Rehab- Amy Winehouse

This song is significant to this chapter because at times Holden can be a bit of a drunk and the fact that he is under aged doesn't make it any better. In this song they talk about being alcoholics and going to rehab and not wanting too. 7. Prayer of the Refugee- Rise Against

This song is significant to this chapter because it represents the struggle of a teens during their quest for independence. Which Holden is doing in the book by fleeing to New York.

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use somebody- kings of leon

walking disaster- sum 41

im just a kid- simple plan

welcome to my life- simple plan

nobodys home- avril lavigne

untitled- simple plan

fade to black-metallica

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Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. Alienation as a Form of Self-Protection
Throughout the novel, Holden seems to be excluded from and victimized by the world around him. As he says to Mr. Spencer, he feels trapped on “the other side” of life, and he continually attempts to find his way in a world in which he feels he doesn’t belong. As the novel progresses, we begin to perceive that Holden’s alienation is his way of protecting himself. Just as he wears his hunting hat (see “Symbols,” below) to advertise his uniqueness, he uses his isolation as proof that he is better than everyone else around him and therefore above interacting with them. The truth is that interactions with other people usually confuse and overwhelm him, and his cynical sense of superiority serves as a type of self-protection. Thus, Holden’s alienation is the source of what little stability he has in his life. As readers, we can see that Holden’s alienation is the cause of most of his pain. He never addresses his own emotions directly, nor does he attempt to discover the source of his troubles. He desperately needs human contact and love, but his protective wall of bitterness prevents him from looking for such interaction. Alienation is both the source of Holden’s strength and the source of his problems. For example, his loneliness propels him into his date with Sally Hayes, but his need for isolation causes him to insult her and drive her away. Similarly, he longs for the meaningful connection he once had with Jane Gallagher, but he is too frightened to make any real effort to contact her. He depends upon his alienation, but it destroys him. The Painfulness of Growing Up

According to most analyses, The Catcher in the Rye is a bildungsroman, a novel about a young character’s growth into...
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