Catch Me If You Can

Topics: Frank Abagnale, Catch Me If You Can, Forgery Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Juan Moreno
Psychology 1-2, Period 3
March 1, 2013
Catch Me if You Can
Frank Abagnale is a fifteen year old boy who becomes one of the best con artists of his time. But he has some problems that cause him to become like the very young age of fifteen his parents get a divorce because his father can barely provide for his family. When his parents are dividing their belongings he has to decide with which parent he must live with, but instead runs away. With no money he starts forging checks from an airline. But in result of his parents’ divorce he is stuck in mallows stage of belonging because of his lack of family, friends, and affection.

Frank ran away from his home because his parents were getting a divorce and the lawyer gave him the hard-hitting decision of having to choose with whom he would live with. But instead of living in a broken home he chooses to run away from his problems. With only his checkbook he had to persist on his own, unfortunately twenty five dollars was not enough so he started forging checks. He had no family to depend on or help him, he was completely alone, and at that age it is crucial to have the affection of your parents. On several occasions Frank and his father sat down to have a chat and dinner. But where it actually caused Frank to be disturbed and angered is when he confesses of his crimes to his father. Instead of feeling shame or some other negative attitude towards his actions he tells him not to give up and keep going. Feeling that not even his father has a real type of concern for his son and encourages his illegal actions frank goes into a rage. Many psychologists have concluded that lack of parent affection or relations can cause the child to have trust issues or even avoid any type of long term elation with anyone. My inference is that since Frank lacks that type of affection and attention he gets his affection from women and the attention from the FBI agent that is pursuing Frank.

Frank is always in...
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