cat in the rain

Topics: Hotel, Ernest Hemingway, Hotels Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: February 26, 2014
The story “Cat in the Rain” by Ernest Hemingway is about an American couple who stays at a hotel with a beautiful view of the sea and different monuments. After describing the view from their hotel room, on the second floor, Ernest continues the story with the American woman having a conflict. The story begins when she noticed a kitty outside her window trying to find shelter from the rain; she instantly wanted to go get the kitty. With her husband wanting to continue to read she started her journey to go capture this kitty. There are other minor characters in this story, the hotel-keeper and the maid, that play a bigger role in the story than what is portrayed. The American wife left the room after she makes it clear to her husband that she is the one who wants to save the kitty. Making her way downstairs she noticed the hotel-keeper in a room with dim lighting, which he is the first minor character introduced in the story. Ernest, the author, made it clear that the wife liked the hotel-keeper by naming things she admired or liked about him from the way how deadly serious he received compliments to his heavy face and big hands. As little the encounter was between the two, I feel it made her think more about her appearance later on in the story. During the beginning of this story the American wife and husband are not talked about much before she goes to get the kitty. In fact, it does not seem like they have much of a relationship, if any. The husband only attempts once to go downstairs for his wife to get the kitty and after she says she will go he continues on to read his book at the end of the bed. It is not till later on, after she tries to get the kitty from outside, where he starts to tell her she is beautiful and starts to comfort her. Another person who was more of a minor character in this story was the maid. She plays a bigger role than what everyone assumes. The maid in the story gets sent out to the...
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