Case Summary (Cross Cultural Management)

Topics: Culture, Feedback, Negative feedback Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: January 4, 2011
Summary Of the case
Organizational and National Cultures in a Polish/ U.S Joint Venture


* The case looks at differences in cultural values and beliefs of Polish and U.S managers employed in a joint venture in Poland. * Joint venture with a Polish partner and a wholly owned subsidiary of a U.S multinational corporation located in Poland. * Small joint venture, non-bureaucratic organization with 140 employees. * Family type of relationship existed among the managers. * Both local Polish managers and U.S expatriates reported a friendly work climate.

Polish Attitudes Regarding U.S Management
* Polish managers described U.S business as “real”, “healthy”, “tough”, “honest” and “fair”. * Polish national culture such as “ability to work in difficult situations” and “experience of struggle with hardship of communism” combines well with American management expertise. * Working for a U.S company was a major bonus for their future success and careers. * Employment security because they have a low risk of bankruptcy. * Polish managers expressed a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement for learning U.S business know-how. * Encouraged the development of the individual and inspired self expression and achievement.

The Cultural Conflicts
* Managerial Selection
* Many Polish employees wanted to be hired immediately as managers, without any experience in basic business functions. The magic word “manager” was associated by them with a higher status and success. U.S managers however felt that “you had to earn your spurs first.”

* Merit, Age and Seniority
* The corporate culture encouraged rewards primarily based on competence in key skills and performance against objective criteria. Both local and expatriate managers believed that individuals were appointed and promoted based on their knowledge and professional expertise. This often resulted in much younger managers having older subordinates....
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