Case Study: the Eastman Kodak Company – a New Era in Digitisation

Topics: Eastman Kodak, George Eastman, Rochester, New York Pages: 3 (608 words) Published: May 29, 2010
Case Study: The Eastman Kodak Company – a new era in digitisation Question:
1. Discuss the pressures for change Kodak has experienced. Kodak is all the while the leading photography company in the photographic industry. Due to the change from film photography to digital photographic services in the photographic industry, the development has caused an organisational change to Kodak. As a result of market pressures, the company is now fighting new competitors. This changes had causes Kodak to undergo a major change in its organisational structure. In recent years, Kodak had undergone a depression in its film processing division due to the popularity of digital cameras which creating a dramatic downturn in film sales. Many of the consumers had also losing their confidence in the brand because Kodak’s problematic early entry into the digital market had affected the company’s bottom line. Besides that, Kodak also will be experiencing a downturn in the price war which contributed to the depression in the company’s film camera division. Kodak not only experienced the pressures from external environment but also the internal. Due to the downsizing in the company, it had resulted in Kodak employees’ having poor morale, with many employees left feeling insecure and dissatisfied with their supervisors.

2. Discuss the suitability of the planned change strategies in relation to Kodak. Should Kodak adopt a different change strategy to improve the likelihood of future success in digital photography?

There are four strategies in the planned change of an organisation.

• Top-down approach to change – This approach to change is akin to the military model in its style and assumes that members lower down in the hierarchy will understand what is intended and follow through exactly as requested.

• Force-coercion – This strategy uses legitimacy, rewards and/or punishments as primary inducements to change.

• Rational persuasion – This...
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