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This case focuses on the tenacity of Sun Microsystems and the way the company has positioned itself in the computer industry. Sun was founded in 1982 to exploit the market niche of high-end workstations. Initially, the company did not compete with conventional PCs because the conventional PC makers appealed to a different market. However, over time PCs have acquired more computing power, putting them in more direct competition with workstations. The case focuses on how Sun has maintained its leadership position despite the challenges of increased competition and hefty R&D expenditures. A key part of Sun’s success has been the savvy of its CEO, Scott McMealy. The case also focuses on Sun’s progressive human resource management practices. It also points out that in the twenty-first century, it began to recognize that its future would need to be in web services; however it was late in recognizing that need.


A). Discuss the definition of “High Performance Organizations”

From the above case study, we could discuss the definition into few meanings such as:-

1 – Fully Structure; Every department in Sun Microsystems have made their own research so that they would come out with a good procedure, contingency plan, schedule, efficiency on the step of work that they need to do, safety awareness and etc.

2 – Strong Human Development; Before they pursue with any product and services, they already interviewed the focal person that have the expertise in human development practice on how to manage a company based on human resource management of the workers

3 – Leadership; Every high performance organizations must have a very good leadership skill to guide all their workers in performing a high standard quality of work. For example, what is the different between a boss and a leader?

Answer:- When you submitted a work project to your boss, he will returned to you with a comment to do corrections on the wrong...
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