Case Study Of Bluestate Ltd

Pages: 6 (1474 words) Published: October 21, 2016

According the Employment Ordinance (Cap. 57), Bluestate Limited have a right to use the Summary Dismissal can dismiss Emma and the company. Here will discuses the reasons.

First, “willfully disobeys a lawful and reasonable order” (Employment Ordinance (Cap. 57), 2016). Emma was late to work oftentimes. The company was given her two written warning letter and seriously stated that this was the last warning for her, if she still haven’t any improve, the company will be dismiss her. After she received the warning letter, she have not any change to arrive late to work. That’s mean she have not intent to change the working attitude.

In addition, Emma was smoke on the factory floor during the working time. This behavior will effect the company’s...

C would like to purchased pine cabinets, but C delivered the oak cabinets. There shown that O violate “Sales of Good Ordinance” section 17. O have not fit the C requirement, when C purchase the goods, it have mention that it would like to purchase the pine cabinets, not oak. O should have the reasonability to change the right pine cabinets to C, also need to ensure the cabinets are according the C’s requirement.

Second, Although O has delivery the wrong goods to C, there have some damage of the goods. Oscar discover scratches of the minor on the cabinets. These injure maybe from the delivery, because they transport the goods to lead to collision. There shown that O violate “Sales of Good Ordinance” section 16. C purpose there would not been have any damage when it received the goods, the injure may effect the use and exterior condition. O should change the intact of...

Private limited company are different with the listed limited company that more formality and regulation. That, no needs to show to the public about the business structure. Member of the shareholders can have a right to choose the directors to manage the company. Also, shareholder can decide who can invest or not. Although partnership can decide too, increase new partner should reorganize the business, is not flexibility.

Also, Private limited company have a legal person which is partnership do not have. Legal person can protect the shareholder, which the company may be closed. Shareholder do not effect by the company liability. Vice versa, partnership have the unlimited liability which the business have debts. If either one of the partner would like to quit, death and transfer. The partnership will be dissolution.

Both private limited company and partnership are no need to disclosure of the business. They can choose that do not list the document to the public and the public no right to check about the private company’s matter. Just the Listed Limited Company should publish their information, financial statement and the purpose of the...
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