Case Study - New Hire Mismanagement

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Case Study: New Hire Mismanagement

Case Study: New Hire Mismanagement


When accepting the position of a Campus Recruiter for ABC, Inc., there were specific tasks and expectations that go along with the job title. The specific tasks were explained however, due to the improper planning and poor execution, the individual failed to deliver what was outlined in the job title. This paper will explain the failures due to improper planning, lack of experience and poor time management skills. Furthermore, areas that will be outlined from this case study will include various detailed causes as well as; different solutions to strengthen the recruiting department and prevent any further weaknesses.


In early April, Carl Robins, was new to the human resources department of ABC, Inc. “The Corporate Human Resources Recruiter will play a critical role in ensuring we are hiring the best possible talent” (Nourse, 2013). Mr. Robbins had taken on the needed task of hiring 15 individuals, which would work for the Operations Supervisor, Monica Carrolls. This recruiting position is responsible for selecting proper candidates, collecting proper identification and various paperwork such as; a resume, application, transcripts and payroll processing information. A background check, drug screen and a new hire physical must also be performed prior to anyone starting. In addition to the proper processing of the new hires, Mr. Robbins also is responsible for scheduling the new hire orientation and providing the proper materials such as; the manuals, policy booklets and training guides. In this case, Mr. Robbins had already advised the new hires of the required orientation on June 15th. The lack of experience and follow through, along with procrastination was a large factor in completing the tasks set forth for the recruiting position. Mr. Robbins was feeling overwhelmed and began to panic, due to the realization that the needed workforce would not be ready for Monica Carroll, as he previously assured. The failures will effect several people and cause the operations department to not have the new additions to their team and be ready to move forward.

Key Problems

There are numerous key problems with this case. Mr. Robins’s lack of experience as well as, poor communication and planning from the beginning, caused the situation to spiral, making the end result in complete failure. An incompetent and poorly functioning human resources department reflects the overall state of affairs of an organization and its possible uncompetitive position in the marketplace (Dutta, 2013).

Carl Robbins started the hiring process accurately. He successfully hired 15 individuals however, without creating a new hire protocol, several items were missed. Furthermore, Mr. Robins seemed to be completely focused on the fact that he was able to fill the needed positions and impressing the operations supervisor, he failed to follow through from the beginning. The inexperience may also be a factor however, he was hired as a recruiter and gained six months of experience therefore, Mr. Robins knew what was expected of him.

Procrastination plays a large role in the end result, as well. Carl did not immediately check with the training facility, even after receiving the call from Monica Carrolls. He waited more than 10 days to look at the training facility availability. Procrastination, weather it was due to lack of experience or being overwhelmed, does not matter in this case. The consequence remained the same, failure to complete the tasks by the needed time.

In most cases, time management and procrastination go hand in hand however, Carl did not look at the specific tasks nor did he allot the appropriate time to get the job done by the specified time. Failure to either create a hiring protocol or follow the steps that should have been learned during his first six months of employment, adds additional issues of...

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