Case Study: Miller Co

Topics: Beer, Miller Brewing Company, Brewing Pages: 4 (1316 words) Published: June 21, 2008
Situation Analysis: Norman Adami is the CEO of Miller Brewing Company. In 2003, Adami was brought in from its parent company South Africa Breweries Miller PLC, to improved market share for the company. SABMiller purchased the Miller Brewery Co. from Philip Morris Company in 2002. During the time, Philip Morris owned the company, beers sales had been on the declined for the past 15 years. There competitor Anheuser-Busch has been the No 1 brewery company in the United States for the past 15 years. Through Adami, tenure managed to turnaround Miller Company through being a charismatic leader, different market strategy and through empowering workers. Vision – To be the world’s largest brewery company, to include alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; to make Miller breweries products available to every adult throughout the world. Purpose – The Miller Brewery Company is committed to satisfying the needs of its consumers by producing alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverage giving refreshment value and joy. Mission – Miller Brewery Co mission is to refresh the world by continuously developing an awesome array of creative and innovative products.

Stakeholder Power: Adam’s stakeholders include SABMiller with high power and importance, who expect that Miller management will choose a good strategy and make wise decision in changing environment so that long-term profits will rise. In addition, Distributors will have high power and importance that allows more decision making power to distributors for more products and increase more profit. Also at stake Miller employees, with low power but high importance, who expect to be a part of a quality company in which they are able to do what they can it improve the company without interference from management. They want to be part of a stable firm in which they do not have to fear of being fired or uprooted.

Other primary stakeholders include Miller customers, who wield low importance but high power, which expects that Miller...
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