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Case Study: Levi Strauss & Co.
Intimate insight into consumer behaviour and the ability to proactively drive customer retention is the dream of every marketer.
Buying into a well-developed, tailor-made and marketing-biased application that forms the backbone of an award-winning CRM programme is like finding the Holy Grail.
This was the case when Levi Strauss SA (LSSA) chose Eureka to provide them with a holistic and comprehensive view of their consumers’ behaviour, their preferred communication channels and their response to brand campaigns.

Eureka serves as the back-end structure of
Levi Strauss South Africa’s Relationship
Marketing programme, the Levi’s® Loop.
This marriage of a superior application and a
well-conceptualised CRM programme proved
to be so successful that Levi’s® CRM agency –
Oscar Tango won a Gold Loerie Award in the
category, Experiential:
Strategic CRM
Programmes for the Levi’s® Loop in 2006.
“The Loerie endorses Eureka as a highly
successful Relationship Marketing system. Among other things Eureka enables LSSA to code automated communication messages to ensure that the consumer receives a seamless consumer experience; all based on their own personal journey with the Levi’s® Loop programme. These functionalities allow Levi Strauss SA to communicate with their members through a variety of channels, including mobile, in a timeous and relevant fashion,” says Jon Jacobson, CEO of Global Vision.

Candace Gilowey, Marketing Manager of Levi Strauss SA says that since inception, Eureka’s performance in support of the Levi’s Loop programme has surpassed expectations. Through Eureka, a company can proactively influence consumer behaviour through targeted and proactive marketing campaigns, rather than merely monitoring behaviour and waiting to see the results of these campaigns.

The application offers marketers a single vehicle with which to plan and execute targeted onceoff or ongoing campaigns using e-mail, SMS, direct mail, telephone...
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