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Apply chapter material throughout your analysis of the case (expand/contract table boxes to fit your content). Case Title: Vetements Ltee
Key Person: Sales staff of Vetements Ltee
Case Overview
Who is the case about?
This case is about the sales staff that work at the Vetements Ltee (A chain of men's retail clothing stores located throughout Quebec). What is the current situation?
The senior management start to receive complains from the store managers regarding the performance of their sales staff.

Why is the current situation happening?
Because sales staff receives a fixed salary plus a commission based on the percentage of sales credited to that employee over the pay period.

When will a solution need to be completed?
This issue must be solved as soon as possible because it effects the store sales and profits.

Reread the case & complete the remaining sections of this chart What are the specific issues or problems (at least 3)?

1. Sales staff are leaving some parts of the store unattended because the tended to stand near the store entrance waiting to “tag” customers as their own. The managers were concerned that this aggressive behaviour intimidated some customers.

2. Many managers were also concerned about inventory duties. The store have faced stock shortages because merchandise was not stocked or reorder forms were not completed in a timely manner because the staff were too busy trying to tag the customers as their own to gain more commission.

3. To reduce the tendency of sales staff to hoard customers at the store entrance, some managers have assigned the sales staff to specific areas of the store. But this also created a big conflict among employees stationed in areas with less traffic or low-priced merchandise.

List at least 3 Basic Chapter/Course Topics that can be applied in this case:

1. Individual Differences: Equity...
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