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Case Study 3-1
University of Wolverhampton:
Becoming an ISO 9000 University

Bailee Cunningham
Shelby Pitts
Haley Wolf
Patrick Nicholson

Professor Dr. Sang-Heui Lee
Quality Management MGMKT 650-01
February 24, 2015
The University of Wolverhampton is a British University. It is mainly located in the city of Wolverhampton which was established in AD circa 980. They have four campuses located at four different locations. Two of them are located in Wolverhampton, one in Walsall, and one in Telford. The University first existed in 1835 as Wolverhampton Mechanics’ Institute. In 1969 it existed as Wolverhampton Polytechnic. The school did not gain its university status until 1992. Once gaining University status they started to expand. The Telford campus was built in 1994. That campus teaches business classes and science and engineering. In 1994, another big thing also happened for the University. They became the first university in the United Kingdom to be rewarded the Charter Mark. The Charter Mark is an award for excellence in customer service. The Universities next branch opened its doors in 1995. The next branch was the second branch in Wolverhampton called Wolverhampton Science Park. This branch was built to focus on relationships with the community. It is where the Creative Industries Centre, Technology Centre, Development Centre and business and technology support services are located. 1997 was a big year for the University as well. This is when they implemented WOLF. WOLF was the online learning framework put in place by the university. They were the first to put in place a system of this kind. They have continued to add to their campuses throughout the years. Implementing many ways to become the best of their kind at not just providing an education but providing a service. The arts have always been a main focus of the school but, another important area to the school is an advancement of the medical field. PAST YEAR

Since the University strives for excellence in innovation and allowing students to have as many opportunities possible in a single year they do more than many universities. The events listed are just a few of the things that they’ve done in the past year. Creative students were able to work with and get advice from the boss of Nike. They were selected to have the new British Judo Centre of Excellence located at their university. Film makers from the University attended the Royal Television Awards. They launched a New International Academy to support overseas students. Those are some of the big ones. Their biggest achievements though fell in the medical field. They had one of their professors given the Queen’s Nurse Title. The most impactful though was that they pioneered translation software that helps medical practitioners. It can be used worldwide to help doctors that are working in a country that is not their own. They also decided to start a new course that would have students work on reducing the waiting times in hospitals. Besides all of these physical accomplishments they also had a pretty huge one in the area of equalizing women and men’s education at the school. They had a professor put on the list of inspiring women. This they say will help to keep women striving for equivalence in education and rights. These are just a few of the many things that the University has done in the past year. All of these things are made possible by the universities constant work towards quality of what they provide their students. WHAT IS ISO 9000 IN GENERAL?

ISO 9000 is a series of standards that has been deemed to represent good quality management practices by International Consensus, which consists of set standards and guidelines related to quality management systems. This system was developed to ensure that businesses are meeting the needs and expectations of their customers and shareholders. In today’s quality...

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