Case Study Analysis Paper

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Case Study Analysis
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Dorothy Filip
November 21, 2009
Case Study Analysis
ABC, Inc. has experienced an uncomfortable situation in which a scheduled training and hiring of new recruits could not be completed. Through better communication and organization, such situations can be avoided in the future. Background

ABC, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that makes and research biological equipment. Its new campus recruiter, Carl Robins, successfully recruited 15 new trainees in early April to start work by July for Monica Carrolls, Operations Supervisor. Monica contacted Carl on May 15 to make sure that all the details and the paperwork necessary for the training on June 15 would be ready. Carl responded to her that everything would be ready. One week before the training Carl was checking the files of the new hires, and he realized that a lot of the necessary information to begin work for the company, such as drug tests and transcripts, were missing. Carl also found out that the room in which he was planning to use for the orientation was already booked for the whole month of June. Key Problems

The roots of the problems in this situation are that there is a lack of communication and a deficiency in organization and planning. Lack of Communication
The lack of communication is evident in the differences between the employees’ expectations of their responsibilities and the responsibilities of the other person, and their timetable of when the task was to be prepared and completed. An example of this is that really close to the day scheduled for the training, Carl seemed surprised about the missing paperwork, as though he did not think that this was part of his job, although no one else had done it. Deficiency in Organization and Planning

The lack of planning can be seen in that just one week before the training, Carl realized that the room he was going to use was double-booked...
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