Case Study Autism 7th Grade

Topics: Autism, Autism spectrum, Writing Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: June 11, 2013
Task 2 Case Study

The first day of student teaching in the first period I observed a child named ‘Kyle.’ Kyle seemed to get out of his seat even after my mentor teacher asked him to sit in his seat. He was at the front of the class very close to where the teacher taught. After a few times of this he growled at the teacher. I could tell that he was different than the typical student because of his constant interruptions. I found out after the class Kyle was autistic and had behavior problems. I also found out he was operating at an age level of 6 to 7 years old. This behavior happened often so all the 7th grade teachers composed a chart for Kyle to reward him for staying on task but didn’t seem to work. Kyle is interested in science, playing the Nintendo-DS, and riding his four-wheeler. He likes to make people laugh and he does not like homework because it is too hard to explain to his Grandparents, and he does not like writing. He likes science because he gets to do hands on experiments and cooking. His legal guardians are his Grandparents. On February 14th, I was able to see many parents and some students at the parent teacher conference. ‘Kyle’s ‘Nan’ came in. I learned that Kyle’s parents were divorced and both tried raising him but could not handle it. He was treated very badly with each of his parents and they finally decided to sign over custody to Nan and Pop. I also noticed Nan was very nice and put together and later found out is very wealthy. The grandparents have committed to Kyle and with him for the long run, which is very good for him because before he did not have the security or care and spent most of his time alone in his room and even in a tent outside before his Grandparents came. Since he went between both parents (divorced) and neither could handle him he felt abandoned. He is very happy with his Nan and Pop, and is somewhat scared he might be abandoned again. Kyle’s Nan assured us and her Grandson that they weren’t going anywhere and I...
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