Case Study: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Running Head: ADHD

Case Study: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
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Major Symptoms
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has 3 types of symptoms:  problems with attention, hyperactive behavior, and excessive impulsivity (Kohn). ADHD is heritable (Kohn).  The child is better able to cope with rapidly changing stimuli, but will have more difficulty focusing on things that are less interesting (Kohn). The brain is less able to focus on uninteresting tasks (Kohn).  Some child-rearing parenting may be contributing to the development of ADHD (Kohn).  Children with ADHD are more likely to come from single parent families, families with inexperienced parents, and families who spend less time interacting with the child (Kohn) Client’s Background

            David is a 16 year old high school sophomore that has severe ADHD (Kohn).  David is energetic and likes girls.  He constantly moves and fidgets.  Elementary school teachers complained to his mother when he was younger (Kohn).  He has been on and off medications most of his life (Kohn).  He currently takes Wellbutrin and Ritalin (Kohn).  Wellbutrin is commonly used for depression and Ritalin is used for ADHD (Kohn).  David lives with his mother.  He is aware that he is different and most of the time gets frustrated when he can not focus on studies (Kohn).  His mother has little time to spend with him.  When she asks me to complete chores he forgets (Kohn).  When he is failing in class she just encourages him to accept the failing grade instead of getting him tutored (Kohn).  His mother is described as belonging to a system of reinforcements that enables his unfocused behaviors (Kohn).  Medication does help him to focus at school and get chores done at home.  But he complains that the medication makes him hazy and non-social (Kohn). 

Predisposing Factors

Observed Symptoms and Inconsistent Symptoms
ADHD is a common disorder among children that deals with behavior and attention problems. According to the National Institute of Mental (2009), ADHD symptoms include problems with focusing or attention, unable to control behavior, and hyperactivity. The case study discusses the symptoms that lead to David's diagnosis of ADHD. David has a wide range of symptoms that are consistent with ADHD such as being easily distracted while trying to do class work, cannot sit still during class, always talking, memory problems, and focusing problems (Kohn, 2007). David has problems focusing in school because he gets bored. However, when he enjoys an activity it is easier for him to stay focused and learn the activity (Kohn, 2007). David is able to play sports and play video games because they have different aspects that keep his mind distracted. In school, he finds something that distracts him or will talk and make noises to keep him occupied when he gets bored (Kohn, 2007). One area that is inconsistent with his diagnosis is that he is able to maintain a good grade in the class that his girlfriend is in and does not find her as a distraction in the class. He actually uses the fact that she is in the class to keep focused. David is usually forgetful in school except when he plays video games, he is able to remember every detail and he feels this is due to the different noises and distractions taking place within the game (Kohn, 2007). He is also able to remember things in sports because he wants to be the best player that he can be (Kohn, 2007). While in school, he thinks that it is boring and that is why he does not remember things well in school. Individuals with ADHD become distracted easily, become bored with a task, unable to sit still, very impatient and forget things that can often lead to difficulties in school or in certain activities. .

Disorders Development
1. Describe any information you observed about the development of the disorder.

The thing that I have observed in David’s disorder, is that David do not hang...
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