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Running head: Savor Case Study 1

Savor Case Study

Running head: Savor Case Study 2

Case Recap

The company has admitted that a problem is expanding without sacrificing business going

forward. What can be seen as a advantage as well as a disadvantage a relatively new staff. The

company wants to acquire more of the market share in the catering business without hurting there

restaurant business. There first option would be to move there catering business to a second location

opening up more space for the restaurant location, they currently use the catering space at busy times if

it is available. Although a successful business the restaurant needs a larger

capacity and the dinner crowd could use fifty more in it 's capacity so the move seems like a logical

thing. The major problem facing them is the have to move relatively close in not only distance but

demographics as well to maintain their customer base. So the major question facing Savors is how far

will people travel and if you increase prices to make this expansion plus will your customer buy into it.

Problem Identification

The current space as it stands is not large enough to handle the current business needs so a

decision needs to made. The problem is multifaceted a business decision and a marketing plan that is

well though out so as not to cause confusion to your current customers and those you are hoping to

attract to a healthy expansion. Another major problem is that the catering business is relatively

unknown, and Anna the restaurant and catering manager points out the money derived from this venue

will be

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