Case Study 3

Topics: Release, Delayed release, Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer Pages: 2 (349 words) Published: May 4, 2015
Activision: The Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer Project
They apparently have an ideal product that can be successfully released and implemented. The only problem that may confront the product "game" is the date of release. However, we may discuss some facts of the phases of the product before we go through the final decision.

In the first phase, the KSPS's concept was initialized and the whole picture of it was clear, so reviews had to be better done at this stage. At the first phase, they may had not yet spent a lot of money. Therefore, they may had been able to cancel it if needed without regretting or losing more money. Moreover, it was a clever decision to cut ties with IRC and begun working with Treyarch when found out the trouble they went through. Furthermore, there were big changes when Ward found out that technology itself could not afford the ideal game that gamers looked for, so he changed by building the wave in sections. The changes helped KSPS to survive because it combined both an art and technology. At this point, KSPS looked ready for release. The Green Committee were worried about the date of release. The assigned release date was few months prior to Christmas; which was the time for most of the competitive products. If they had released KSPS in September, they may had confronted some obstacles; no enough time for promotion because of Christmas, and Christmas may had had similar products that could compete. The decision was hard to make, and there were no other alternatives because the product was fully complete and could not be cancelled. In my opinion, I prefer to go with the decision that most of the members had taken. Releasing this product in September and giving a 50% discount on Christmas was very wise decision. The analysis suggested that KSPS could compete most of the competitors that they were about to release, so they could attract gamers twice; one when released, another one when got a discount. In addition,...
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