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Topics: Marketing, Financial crisis, Strategic management Pages: 6 (2234 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Marketing environment analysis for chinese christmas decoration industry Based on the article T (2009) The Guardian 15 August p 33, which written by Branigan. The article outlined that after the global financial crisis, Chinese Christmas decoration industry has entered a low. The details to visit the website “” Mainly factor of this situation is the main customer from European and American decline to import such kind of stuffs thanks to the global financial crisis. As the article mentioned that MC (anonymity) which with 10 years manufacture and wholesale history are located on YIWU China, the biggest small commodity wholesale center. The main products of MC are Christmas decorations and gifts. Chinese exports have not fallen since 2001. Until November 2008, during the global financial crisis, they have tumbled nine months in a row. During financial crisis, Companies went bankrupt or layoff caused the unemployment rate climbed, the purchasing power reduced ( 2009). European and American where the recession seems to have handed the most impact, because more than 50% customers of MC were from both area. According to this situation of recession, this project study will help MC to analyses the current situation from many angles and make suggestions about the firm’s marketing practices. The objective is to help MC improve the profits and cross over the low ebb. (T, Branigan. 2009) First part of this essay is analysis of the marketing environment which includes both internal and external (both macro and micro), Due to “The marketing environment consists of the actors and force that affect a company’s capability to operate effectively in providing and services to its customers” (Jobber 2007:78). Some valuable recommendations for the future development of MC will be presented. These recommendations were mainly discussed around 4Ps topic which focuses on product, price, place and promotion. The plan is based on marketing mix theory which divided the marketing into four key elements (Kotler 1997). Aims:

Enhance the understanding of current global market environment. Enhance the understanding of SWOT analysis.
Enhance the understanding of marketing mix-4Ps.
Help MC to improve the profits and get competitive advantage This essay mainly focused on marketing environment analysis and then to find out some MC company’s gaps, finally carries out a numbers of recommendations and strategies for MC to help them improve the profits and market shares under such low situation leaves global economy. The reason why I firstly analyze the marketing environment is because that according to Jobber (2007) point out that “The marketing environment consists of the actors and force that affect a company’s capability to operate effectively in providing and services to its customers” (Jobber 2007:78). So that it is important for companies to analyze the marketing environment in its entirety. The analysis should from macro to micro as well. Then the SWOT analysis can help us clearly find out company’s Strength Weakness Opportunity and threat, then according to these issues, to carry out the effective recommendations. These recommendations will mainly focus on marketing mix, i.e. 4Ps. This report can enhance the understanding of product life cycle, marketing mix, and current marketing environment. Moreover, this essay wills also help MC to get out of current trouble to some degree. Methodology:

Secondary research method-
Secondary research method will be applied in this case study. Secondary data will be carried out to refine the objective and help inform the plan stage of the study. Through the desk research and information from internet, researcher can gather a lot of information to understand the situation of current global business environment and what effect the companies have been in light of the current financial crisis. Generally speaking, researcher can...
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