Case Press Gouty Arthritis

Topics: Gout, Uric acid, Arthritis Pages: 55 (15766 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Republic of the Philippines
Main Campus 1, Dumaguete City


Case Presentation on:


Fulfillment for the
Requirements in
Medicine Ward Rotation

Submitted to:

Mrs. Girlie M. Odonel, BSN – RN, MAN
Clinical Instructor
Submitted by:
Ian S. Asentista
Ma. Rofel L. Cortez
Janna Agnes C. Duran
Eden A. Manuales
Karla Regina M. Reporas
Romeo Evan T. Tuban

BATCH 2013
Table of Contents
I. Vision and Mission------------------------------------------------------------------3 - 5 II. Acknowledgement ------------------------------------------------------------------6 III. Topic Outline------------------------------------------------------------------7 IV. Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------8 V. Demographic Profile------------------------------------------------------------------9 – 10 VI. Genogram------------------------------------------------------------------11 VII. Physical Assessment ------------------------------------------------------------------ 12 - 13 VIII. Overview of the Disease Process -----------------------------------------------------------14 - 25 IX. Anatomy and Physiology------------------------------------------------------------------26 - 35 X. Growth and Development ------------------------------------------------------------------36 - 37 XI. Laboratory Results and Interpretation------------------------------------------------38 - 42 And Doctor’s Order

XII. Drug Study----------------------------------------------43 - 51 XIII. Functional Health Pattern----------------------------------------------52 – 60 XIV. Nursing Care Plan----------------------------------------------61 - 69 XV. Pathophysiology----------------------------------------------70 XVI. Journal ----------------------------------------------71 - 76 XVII. Conclusion----------------------------------------------77 XVIII. Bibliography ----------------------------------------------78

Vision / Mission

Negros Oriental State University passionately delivers excellent instruction, fosters cutting-edge research, and encourages socially-responsive community services through relevant and innovative technologies. VISION

Negros Oriental State University is a dynamic higher education of preference in the Visayas and Mindanao. GOALS
Negros Oriental State University strives to achieve:
N ational development
O pportunity and access to poor but deserving students
R esearch – oriented and teaching university
S cholarship and innovation
U nity and diversity
The values that characterize the academic program of Negros Oriental State University are:
K inship for mind and heart for development
A daptability and accountability in the profession
B enchmarking with global standards and practices
I ndustry and hardwork for productivity
L eadership in societal transformation
I nterdependence with various stakeholders
N urturing desire for harmony of man and nature

College of Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences Vision
NORSU College of Nursing as a educational institution or preference in the Visayan and Mindanao to become the premier provider of health care and education in the province, region and country. Mission

NORSU College of Nursing provides excellent instruction thereby developing competent future health leaders and workers who are intellectually responsive, self-directing and contributing members of the society. Goals

Develop innovative approaches to achieving quality teaching, research, service and practice goals. Contribute to the knowledge base of the discipline through an active program of health care and...

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Kozier, Barbara et al (2004) Fundamentals of Nursing: Concepts , Process, and Practice. 7th ed. Philippines: Pearson Education South Asia.
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