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Topics: Financial ratios, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Financial ratio Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: September 29, 2014
Group 7: Cement Industry
Top 3 companies:
Work to be done:
1. Analysis of 3 years financial statements. (financial data can be obtained from screener) 2. Ratio Analysis (All the ratios given in the book along with DU point analysis) 3. Common Size statement.

How to go about it?
Split the group into 3 with 2 members each.
Each sub group will be allocated a company for which the analysis has to be done. The list of ratios to be calculated are:
Liquidity Ratios:
1. Current Ratio
2. Quick Ratio
3. Cash Ratio
Solvency Ratios:
1. Interest Coverage Ratio
2. Debt Equity Ratio
3. Proprietary Ratio
Profitability Ratios:
1. Gross Profit Ratio
2. Operating Profit Ratio
3. Net Profit Ratio
4. Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Return Ratios:
1. Return on capital employed
2. Return on equity
3. Return on total assets
Turnover Ratios:
1. Asset turnover
2. Fixed asset turnover
3. Working capital turnover
4. Creditors turnover
5. Debtors turnover
6. Inventories turnover
Market Analysis
1. Dividend Yield Ratio
DU Point Analysis
Common size statement for the 3 years taking sales as the base figure. Interpretation of ratios (how it’ll impact the future working of the company). Preparation of a word document for each company with all the data and consolidating the same into a single document. Preparation of a power point presentation.

Sending of the PPT by 10pm 13th August.
Sending of the report by 22nd August.
The sub groups can be formed through 2 ways:
a. Choosing your own partner and communicating the same to the others along with the company chosen. b. Dividing according to alphabets which would be:
i. Aravind-Karthik (ACC)
ii. Lohesh-Padmaja (Ambuja)
iii. Vidya-Vivek (Ultratech)
Kindly reply in the Whatsapp group/email your preferences so that we can start working as soon as possible given that we have only 3 days left for the PPT to be sent to sir.
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