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Sir Daniel Hebron

Services Marketing
In the course of a single day, a busy young woman makes use of a wide array of service…

Susan Munro, a final-year business student, had worked late the night before on a big paper and overslept the following morning in the apartment she shared with three other students. Her roommates, who had early classes, had already left when she got up. After showering, she dressed hurriedly, then made a quick cup of coffee. But she skipped her usual bowl of cereal, figuring she could pick up a bagel at school. Noticing that the weather outside looked ominous; she clicked onto the Internet to check the local weather-forecast. It predicted rain, so she grabbed an umbrella before leaving the apartment and walking to the bus stop for her daily ride to the university. On the way, she dropped a letter in a mailbox. The bus arrived on schedule. It was the usual driver, who recognized her and gave a cheerful greeting as she showed her monthly pass. The bus was quite full, carrying a mix of students and office workers, so she had to stand. Arriving at her destination, Susan left the bus and walked to the School of Business. Feeling hungry, she entered the main lobby and headed to the small, cheerfully decorated food stand in the far corner. “Sorry,” said the attendant in answer to her question. “We just sold the last of the bagels and are waiting for more French Roast. Would you like decaf?” Susan sighed. It wasn’t the first time this had happened. But the class was about to start and she couldn’t wait. Joining a crowd of other students, she took a seat in the large classroom where her finance class was held. The professor lectured in a near monotone for 75 minutes, occasionally projecting charts on a large screen to illustrate certain calculations. It didn’t help that she was still feeling sleepy. Susan reflected that it would be just as effective---and far more convenient---if the course was transmitted over the Web or recorded on DVDs that students could watch at their leisure. She much preferred the marketing course that followed because this professor was a very dynamic individual who believed in having an active dialogue with the students. Susan made a several contributions to the discussion and felt that she learned a lot from listening to others’ analysis and options. She and three friends ate lunch at the recently modernized Student Union. The old cafeteria, a gloomy place that served unappetizing food at high prices, had been replaced by a well-lit and colorfully painted new food court, featuring a variety of options. These included both local suppliers and brand-name fast-food chains, which offered choices of sandwiches, as well as ethnic foods, salads, and a variety of desserts. Although she had wanted a sandwich, the line of waiting customers at the sandwich shop was rather long, so Susan joined her friends at Burger King and then splurged on a caffe latte from the adjacent Hav-a-Java coffee stand. The food court was an unusually crowded today, perhaps because of the rain now pouring down outside. When they finally found a table, they have to clear off the dirty trays. “Lazy slobs!” commented her friend Mark, referring to the previous customers. After lunch Susan stopped at an ATM inserted her card, and withdraw some money. Remembering that she had a job interview at the end of the week, she telephoned her hairdresser and counted herself lucky to be able to make an appointment for later in the day because of a cancellation by another client. Leaving the student union she ran across the rain-soaked plaza to the Language Department. In preparation for her next class, Business Spanish, she spent an hour in the language lab, watching an engaging video of customers making purchases at different types of stores, then repeating and listening to her own recorded voice. “My...
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