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Topics: Democracy, Human rights, Freedom of speech Pages: 5 (1755 words) Published: November 17, 2013
Throughout history, the restless struggle for freedom has never ceased to be. This is a particularly sensitive issue, and we can't deny that certain nations are ignoring it at a high level. It strikes us, nowadays, how we can still spot news headlines of public figures getting arrested because they are conceived as a threat to their country. The actual so-called threat is that those people were brave enough to express certain political opinions. Nevertheless, today it is universally known that everyone has the right to express his/her opinions and ideas freely through speech, writing, and other forms of communication, without deliberately causing harm to others. In other words, freedom of speech and expression is a right for everyone. Since any opinion expressed out there is being hurriedly confined and suppressed by the nation, people are fighting and revolting ever more persistently for their freedom, causing a remarkable change in values and laws. Freedom has become essentially the major concern of everyone striving to express a certain opinion and is being held back and arrested. Atilla Yayla has addressed in his article "Freedom of Expression under Attack in Turkey"(2006), that taking his freedom of expression away is equal to attacking his right to life. His statements on freedom were misheard, misunderstood, and attacked. Similarly to the journalist, Eskinder Nega, who was arrested with a charge of conspiring with a banned opposition party, whereas the truth is that he was writing an American-based Ethiopian Diaspora, pursuing his duty as a journalist. Besides, we can recognize in certain countries (such as China) that women sometimes don't have a say in their marriage. Their parents already arrange their marriage for them, and choose the spouse, regardless of the woman's opinion. In "The Love Business", Evans Osnos sheds light on the vitality of online dating for a person to choose freely his partner, and the need to end "arranged marriages" which is a phenomenon that still exist, though it was banned in 1951. Therefore, people, today, must be given the opportunity to speak their mind and express their opinion for what they think is suitable for them, whether in politics, relationships, or any different aspect in life. One of the most existential conflicts of our time is the way certain nations disregard the significance of freedom of speech as a major right for people to express themselves. This freedom is the cornerstone of democracy, and it is essential to enable it to work and enhance the public participation in decision-making. The right to freedom of expression upholds the rights of all to express their views and opinions freely. Nevertheless, Atilla Yayla, a classical liberal, has been accused of treason in the press and suspended from his university for defending common values of civilization and re-evaluating the history of Turkey. Another similar case is Eskinder Nega who was arrested for the second time after publishing an online article criticizing the government misuse of an antiterrorism law to arrest independent journalists. We can notice that some countries are vehemently subduing any public opinion that creates a threat to their regime. At this point, the government becomes prescriptive, in the sense that it is, by all means, dictating people what to think and along that ingraining their beliefs to achieve certain goals. Nonetheless, freedom of expression is essentially a right which should definitely be promoted to the maximum extent possible given its critical role in democracy and public participation in political life. Besides politics, freedom of expression is extremely vital in personal relationships. In sad cases, such as domestic violence, child abuse…, people are in a massive need to express their sufferings to people and confidently demand for a change in laws, freedoms… In the short story, "The Story of An Hour"(1894), Kate Chopin has...
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