Case Format

Topics: Implementation, Policy, Management Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: February 26, 2014
The Case Format
I. Time Context
State the date, year or period when the problem needs to be solved The case needs to be solved in the context of what is happening during the time period II. View Point
States the name and position of the person who has the authority to make a decision on the matter. “in solving the case, who are you pretending to be?”
III. Major Policy Statement
Formulate a major policy statement for the company
The firm’s fundamental nature, its identity and direction it wishes to take IV. Current Operational Plans
Identify the business policies being implemented by the company based on the study Must be merely enumerated, no need for analysis of each and every policy Classifies the management, marketing, operational, financial and human resources V. Statement of the Problem

Identify one and only one basic ROOT problem
What is the problem that has the most impact on company operations? State the problem in interrogative form
VI. Statement of Objectives
Objectives are the aims or targets of the company
Must be divided into LONG-RANGE and SHORT-RANGE
Long range may be achieved more than one year while short range may be one year or less Atleast one
VII. SWOT Analysis
In quadrant form
No limit, minimum of three per quadrant
VIII. Alternative Courses of Action
Identify possible solutions to the problem
There must be atleast three alternatives
These alternatives must be equally esirables
IX. Analysis of Alternatives
Identify the advantages and disadvantages of each and every alternatives This part must be fully exhaustive, identify as many good or bad examples X. Decision Statement
Make your final decision. Choose one and only one best alternative Write your decision. State the reasons why you choose that alternative. Why you did not choose the other alternatives? What you choose – why – why did not choose the others

XI. Implementation Program
Enumerate the strategies that you intend to implement to put your decisions into...
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