Case: Coca-cola and Pepsi Cola

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studyPepsi and Coke Learn to Compete in India

History Background
Coke and Pepsi Learn to Compete in India Case Summary Indian softdrinks Market Six product segments-Economic crisis of 1991 leaving consumers with little choice of brands

-1986 “Pepsi Foods Ltd.” “Lehar Pepsi”
-1990 Coca-Cola Reenters market with joint venture “Britco Foods” -Later partner with Parle Advertising Pepsi and Coke sponsor TV campaigns, Urban Youth, Cultural Festivals and Sports Fans. Both Pepsi and Coke look to expand into other markets (fruit juices, bottled water) Problems contamination allegations

Point of View
Business Analysts – we consider ourselves as business analysts as far as the case of Coke and Pepsi in India is concern. We will try to analyze every single detail in the case and we will try to formulate possible solutions that will address the main problem of both companies. We will act neutral-without favoring one over the another.

General Statement of the Problem
Technical issues against the productions of Coke and Pepsi that resulted to bad reputation/image of both companies
PEPSI - How can we restore the good reputation of the company despite of the issues about pesticide residue?
COKE- How should we solve the problem in Plachimada about using sparse supply of water and as well as the issue on pesticide residue?

* To regain and rebuild trust of both companies in Indian consumers * To immediately stop the rumors and issues about the production of both companies * To create a foundation that fuels future sustainable development

* To improve market shares of both companies in India
* To educate farmers about alternative pesticide options that could be standardized through India * To satisfy investors

Areas of Consideration
* Production System
* Target Market
* Legal Aspect
* Top Management

Alternative Courses of Actions
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