Case Analysis Swatch

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Case Analysis: The Swatch

In 1978, when Dr. Ernst Thomke became managing director of ETA, the position of this Swiss flagship industry had changed dramatically. Especially with the presence of a strong competency (Japan and U.S). Macro-environment: (PESTEL Analysis)

* Economic:
Threat: The market share had fallen from 56% to a mere 20%.
Opportunity: The production had grown from 61 million to 320 million pieces and movements annually. Opportunity: the decline of the dollar was not quite as evident. Threat: Market share loss was more pronounced in finished watches (Japan was producing 50.4 million Electronic watch compared to Switzerland and had 21% of market share on finished watches) Threat: The situation was aggravated by adverse exchange rate movements relative to the U.S Dollar. Swiss watches was more expensive * Technological:

Threat: U.S, Japan and Hong Kong had started to gain share especially since the introduction of the electronic watch. Threat: Swatch’s technological lead has eroded due to other manufacturers incorporating advanced technology in their designs. * Social:

Weakness: The unemployment’s rate had increased dramatically (from 65127 employees to 30122). Summary:
The company had a great problem due to the high technologies of competitors, also their watches was more expensive so their market share had decreased. Industry Environment:
5 Forces of M. Porter:
Threat of entry:
* New entrants in the market of watches: Japan, Hong Kong. * Prices dropped dramatically from 1000/2000 $ in 1970 to merely 20/40 $ by the end of 70’s * In the 80’s, several competitors switched to the more sophisticated analogue models and thus created competition for the Swatch. Intensity of rivalry among existing competitors:

* Japan held the technological edge and created the new electronic watch to compete with Swatch. * Most of the early American digital watch producers had started to withdraw from the watch business * Ebauches...
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