Case Analysis notes

Topics: Critical thinking, Decision making Pages: 3 (466 words) Published: November 5, 2013

What is a case?
A learning tool for decision makers
What do decision makers do?
They make decisions

INSIDER’S VIEW – who is living in the case
Cases inform the decision cascade
1. What kind of a problem is this?
2. What options exist in problems like this, what kind of options exist? 3. What should I do about this problem? Whats the best decision? 4. What can I learn from the experience?

OUTSIDER’S VIEW – us, who are analyzing and learning something from the case. 1. We have to make sure we have a clear statement of a problem that needs action. A problem that somebody needs to do something about. What’s the problem in this case that someone needs to act on? 2. POV on who can and should take action? Who has the most leverage? 3. Understanding of what they now believe and how those beliefs drive current action. And how to tilt them towards an action. How are those beliefs and actions linked together? 4. What are the new beliefs that will drive them to do something different, that will drive a change in actions. So…not only the actions, but the beliefs.

Changing minds though argumentation
-What would establish those beliefs, and how to communicate to the goal

What is a case?
A story about a decision. It’ll take you all the way to the decision… and then it will stop, and then we will think about what the decision what or should be. Will provide a rich narrative that includes both relevant and irrelevant facts about he case. We have to determine which piece of data actually matters, to focus on the relevant facts and get rid of the noise. A rehearsal, for when we live a common situation and faced with a hard decision. “This is like…” A data point in service of practical insight. Insight into a problem that we can do something with.

What makes a good case?
Information: noisy, inadequate.
Challenging: Train hard, race easy
In terms of people: too many in the room, or two few, or the wrong people Uncertainty: Discomforting...
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