Case Analysis for Does This Milkshake Taste Funny

Topics: Quality assurance, Quality management, ISO 9000 Pages: 10 (2515 words) Published: February 20, 2010
A Case Analysis for “Does this Milkshake Taste Funny?”
Assignment 3, Unit 1, Organizational Behavior
Robert Kennedy College

Presented by Julius Datinguinoo on 12 May 2009

I. Statement of the Problem(s)

There are three major corporate problems that I can see on this situation:

1. Eastern Dairy is lacking in contemporary quality control, quality management, and quality assurance systems that would ensure compliance to quality standards like ISO 9000, HACCP & ISO 2200.

2. Eastern Dairy is lacking in modern health, safety and environment (HSE) policies, procedures, and controls that would ensure compliance to environmental standards like ISO 14001 and ISO 14004.

3. Eastern Dairy has a poor inventory management & control system.

II. Analysis

1. George Stein

i. George is familiar with change because he had lived in various suburbs of a major city. He understands the need for change and he is comfortable in managing the change in his environment. It is possible that his ‘change quotient’ (Clawson, 2001:10) has been developed at an early age by the constant need to adapt to a new neighborhood. As a teen, he is able to work on different types of menial jobs probably in different companies, which can confirm his adaptability.

ii. George is a social person. This is supported by one of his major interest, which is hanging out at the local teenage gathering place, a drive-in restaurant. He also likes the camaraderie of the night-shift operators and even joined the union at Eastern Dairy. These explain his needs for ‘friendship and belongingness’ (Robbins & Judge, 2009:176).

iii. His great interest in hot rods gives the impression that he likes excitement and challenge. He probably takes so much pleasure in it that it was his main motivation to take up mechanical engineering in college hoping it has some relation with being a mechanic. Liking “old-school” cars also says a lot about his values system. Indirectly, it could be deducted that he respects the old convention or tradition.

iv. George loves romance as revealed by his notable interest in Cathy, his girlfriend. His parents even motivated him to continue his education by a simple promise of a blessing to his marriage to Cathy following his sophomore year. This shows his need for ‘affection and acceptance’ (Robbins & Judge, 2009:176). This also shows he respects his parents and values their opinion.

v. George’s immediate need is money for dating and for his car. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the money and car are ‘physiological needs’ while dating is a ‘social need’. Accordingly, ERG theory by Clayton Alderfer puts money and car as ‘existence needs’ while dating as a ‘relatedness need’ (Robbins & Judge, 2009:176).

vi. George is not a high-achiever. This is shown by his apparent lack of interest to develop his intelligence and ability by going to college even though his parents can afford to support his studies. He was also taking menial jobs for four successive summers, which indicates that he is not up for a challenging job. His parents needed to use ‘verbal persuasion’ to convince him to go to college (Robbins & Judge, 2009:189).

2. Eastern Dairy (The company)

i. The company had decided to be a pay leader. This is upheld by the fact that an entry-level operator job at Eastern Dairy pays more than double the minimum wage being paid by other companies (at least by the companies George worked for previously). With this pay structure, the company may attract ‘better-qualified, more highly motivated employees who will stay with the organization longer’ (Robbins & Judge, 2009:228).

ii. The company has given a great degree of autonomy to night shift employees. This is supported by the fact that there are no managers present at night. The day-shift superintendent just relays the production orders to Paul. This situation...
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