Case 6.2 Hot Coffee Mcdonald's

Topics: Poverty, Africa, Tuberculosis Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: August 1, 2013
Poverty Facts and Figures
Did you that…
50% of people in the world survive on not more than $2.50 a day| 3 billion people in the world survive on less than $2.50 a day| 80% of people in the world depend on less than $10 a day| 75% of the total gain of the world is accounted for by the affluent| 22,000 children die every single day just because of poverty| 1.1 billion people in growing countries do not have enough water| 443 million days of school are lost because of sickness caused by water| 2.2 billion children in the entire world are living in poverty| 213 million children lack complete accommodation| 80 million children do not drink clean and pure water| 39 million children cannot get medical care| 1.4 million children die because of unclean water conditions| 13 million people are registered in poverty| 5.8 million people are in deep poverty| 870 million people do have enough food to eat| 640 million without adequate shelter| 780 million no access to safe water| 270 million with no access to health care| 40% of the world’s poorest population accounts for 5% of the global income| 20% of the richest accounts 75% of world income| 3.4 million people die every year from water related diseases| 11,700 people die every day from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria| 61 million children of primary school age were of school| 1 woman dies every minute due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth| 2 million children are in the commercial sex trade| 3.1 million children die due to malnutrition| 2 million children die in a preventable diseases| 1.6 million of the people in the world live without electricity| 1 billion people entered 21st Century unable to read a book or sign their names| 15 million children are orphaned each year|
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