Topics: The National Enquirer, Burrito, Taco Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: November 5, 2014

______________1. Nobody knows that eating chocolate-broccoli muffins is a good way to provide their bodies with vitamin C. his or her ______________2. The troupe of knife jugglers shocked their audience when a butcher knife accidentally decapitated the head of an old woman's poodle. his or her ______________3. Either the grill crew or the manager must give their permission for you to return that half-eaten double cheeseburger. his or her ______________4. Both the computer monitor and the refrigerator door have its shiny surface smeared with dog snot from our curious puppy Oreo. their ______________5. Which member of your track team makes their opponents resemble turtles trying to compete with a hare? his or her ______________6. The catering committee for the Halloween dance received many compliments for their squid eyeball stew. his or her ______________7. The new and improved laundry detergent restored Hector’s mud-stained pants to its original condition. its ______________8. After feeding several quarters into the gumball machine, a person learns that they have little chance of receiving the miniature camera in the display. their ______________9. Mrs. Carson, like every other American literature teacher, has their own interpretation of the symbols in Moby-Dick. his or her ______________10. Every puppy and kitten will cry at night until their owner comes to carry it to bed. they ______________11. My grandmother, as well as too many other Americans, believes every word they read in the National Enquirer. she read ______________12. If anyone wishes to try one of Louise's famous fudge-stuffed mushrooms, they had better hurry before the guests devour all of these delicious treats. their ______________13. Each of these computers has their own technical glitch that can frustrate the user. ______________14. If Tito’s Taco Palace continues to increase their prices, Samantha won't be able to afford the cheapest lunch burrito. they ______________ 15. Tito’s...
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