Carpe Diem’s Influence on Contemporary Popular Culture

Topics: Carpe diem, Dead Poets Society, Popular culture Pages: 3 (1190 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Daniela Vilanova
Victor Uszerowicz
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June 11, 2012
Carpe diem’s influence on contemporary popular culture
Carpe diem is one of the most famous phrases through history. It was created in a poem by a Roman writer named “Horace”, and it means to seize the day. People need to know about carpe diem since it can help them to break their routine in order to become happier. It had a great impact on 17th century English poetry and in the beat poets of 1960s. Carpe diem has also developed a strong influence on contemporary popular culture since it is used as a subject of people’s daily lives. It has become very popular through the use of arts, business, Internet, and other medias.

Pop culture has been influenced by carpe diem in the production of films. One example of this is “The ground-breaking movie Dead Poets Society which used carpe diem to advocate rising above normality” (Adams). This film makes people realize how their life can change when they seize every opportunity without thinking of the parameters of society. It is a fact that people like stories where the characters enjoy their lives without caring about the future. These films can make people’s minds change, making them more inspires to accomplish their dreams and goals. Many recent movies send this kind of message so they can make a change in the viewers’ lives.

Carpe diem has become very popular in today’s music. One of the most famous bands of metal rock “Metallica” has also used this philosophy in one of its song called “Carpe Diem Baby” using lyrics like “Live to win, dare to fail”. Furthermore, there have appeared other representations of the carpe diem, such as “You Only Live Once” also known as “YOLO”. It has recently become very popular over the Internet when it first appears in Drake’s song “The Motto”. He uses YOLO in his song as an excuse for rebellious behaviors such as going to jail, smoking weed, and skipping classes. This song reminds people how they should enjoy their...

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