Carnival Cruise Line

Topics: Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Cruise line Pages: 3 (820 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Kailin(Karen) Dong
September 3rd, 2012
Recommend a cruiser behavior estimation system to improve CRM process

As you requested, I have investigated the current competitive position and strategies of Carnival Cruise Line (CCL) and implemented the analysis. I suggest that CCL keep promoting the “Fun Ship” theme and make an IT investment in Cruiser Behavior Estimation system by analyzing the consumer behavior activity data. The IT improvement will help CCL to achieve the future goal that attract more loyal customer, help CCL to arrange customized activities, lower inventory cost and attract more first timers and repeaters by cooperating with travel agencies to promote their product.

Provide Fun ship service with low cost and customer friendly strategy Carnival is a low-cost and customer oriented company which provides fun for a broad market. (Exhibit1 illustrates the core competiveness and key activities of CCL.) “Fun Ship” theme is the key competitive advantage of CCL which “wants to think of the boat as the destination, and the ports as secondary”. At the same time, they use various promotional channels and wide ticket price range to attract broader market. Low cost strategy, customer friendly service and efficient product distribution enable CCL to be the leading company in the cruise industry.CCL performed well in the past and boasts bright future market, but there is still a large room of strategic improvement to break the bottleneck and achieve an even stronger market position.

Recommend an IT investment in cruiser behavior analysis system Make an investment in developing a Cruiser Behavior Estimation system will optimize the current CRM system. In analysis of the current CRM system (Exhibit 2 virtualizes the process of current CRM system), I find that CCL has already embraced a comprehensive IS and the FSS perfectly create a cashless society on board with the S&S card, but they don’t take full...
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