Career as a Patient Care Technician

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November 8, 2012

Patient care technicians are multi-skilled medical professional with adequate training in numerous types of duties in a health unit depending on the need. The word patient care technicians , covers numerous task, responsibilities, and duties. patient care technicians , also known as certified nursing assistants are medical worker trained in providing basic hygiene and care to patients in hospitals and other facilities. PCT are trained in high schools, community colleges, nursing homes, facilities, and vocational centers.(Dandey 1). A patient Care Technician is an important person in the patient care process because they assist the doctor when they are caring for a patient, they assist in the rehab clinics, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities, and they help patients with simple tasks like eating, brushing their teeth and hair, and using the restroom.

Many patient care technicians enter the filed with only a high school diploma or no formal education at all. Relying on their work place to provide on the job training. However, in places such as nursing care facilities, Patient Care Technicians must complete a training program composed of a minimum of 75 hours and pass a competency evaluation according to federal government requirements (Patient Care Technician Info 3). In order

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to become a PCT one must complete high school or equivalent diploma. Then enroll into a two course accredited training associated to the field (Dandey 1). While in the training one is taught several task and aspect about the human body, first aid, emergency medical care, handling patients and various other important topics. The curriculum includes classroom, laboratory, exercises, and supervised clinical hours, which may come in the form of internships or externships. To complete these programs successfully, students must complete the following learning modules: certified nursing assistant (CAN), electrocardiogram (EKG), phlebotomy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and advanced nursing skills. (Patient Care Technician Certification 4).

Most training takes place in the class room and in a work environment. Hospital training program generally last 2-3 months and combine classroom instruction and hands-on training (What is a Patient Care Technician 6). Upcoming PCT study anatomy, physiology, infection control, and patients rights. One must complete all the following to successfully complete the programs: certified nursing, electrocardiogram, phlebotomy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and advance nursing skills.

Once students complete the requirements of the PCT Program, they are eligible to take the national Patient Care Technician (NCPCT) exam through the National Center for Competency testing. One may take it while completing their clinical education. To remain certified, individuals must complete 14 hours of continuing education each year. Some programs include internships at a hospitals or clinic where a student can gain hands-on experience. Prospective PCT must complete 6-12 months of clinical experience to be Bickham 3

eligible for employment at any hospital or clinic (Patient Care Assistant 2).Most patient care technicians are found in hospitals, but also can be found in rehabilitation centers, long term care facilities, and nursing homes. A PCT is a critical member of the health care team. They assist patients and work alongside doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals. PCT are generally responsible for attending to a patients basic need.. Their purpose for this is to provide direct patient care in a variety of health care environments. Than any other team member the PCT have more contact with patients at all times. They are monitoring the patient constantly or per requirement. PCT are more available than doctors or nurses (Patient Care Technician Info 1).

The work can be physically demanding (What is...
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