Cardiovascular Effects on Smokers

Topics: Heart rate, Pulse, Radial artery Pages: 3 (733 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Effects in Cardiovascular Fitness between Non-Smokers vs. Smokers

Katie Hughes
Bio Lab: 140

In America smoking has became a growing concern that has widely affected people of all ages. It is said that it greatly impacts ones cardiovascular ability to perform enduring amounts of physical activity. In order to come about this idea more accurately, we have set up a series of steps and procedures. We divided 18 people into three groups: non-smokers, light smokers, and heavy smokers. We began by measuring each individuals resting heart rate (RHR) before and after an aerobic step test for every minute for six minutes. After reviewing the results one can easily see that the non-smokers as predicted returned to their RHR at a steadily decreasing rate. The heavy smokers and light smokers exhibited a pulse rate abnormally high and it took twice as long to return to its RHR. The results in this experiment support the hypothesis where smokers have a greater effect on their cardiovascular ability to perform cardio activities. Heavy smokers have a dramatic impact on that individual’s ability to perform this activity. Introduction:

Evidence leads many to believe smoking may affect ones fitness level. In order to have a larger range, we ran a test measuring the changes in heart rate over a given period of time for non- smokers, light smokers, and heavy smokers in aerobic exercise. We predicted that smokers will have a dramatic difference in RHR, in level of HR increase during physical activity, and their ability to return back to their RHR after physical activity. It is also been said that the cardiovascular fitness of heavy smokers is more affected than the light smokers. Methods:

Stop watch- recorded time lapse between each minute during aerobic exercise and after. Procedures:
Test subjects were 18 college students. Six were non-smokers, six were light smokers, and six were heavy smokers. Before arriving at the exercise location each...
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