Capricorn Anderson

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Justin Johal
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Have you ever been forced into something you did not want to do? Capricorn Anderson, from the book Schooled by Gordon Korman, and Buck, from The Call of the Wild by Jack London, were both forced into new environments without a choice and were forced to adapt. How did Buck and Capricorn successfully adapt to the new lifestyle and new environments. How did they change as characters as the story went on. When Buck and Cap were forced into leaving their original environments, they also learned how to adapt to their new lifestyle. Even though they were in different places they both had ways of coping to new lifestyle. Buck coped to the new environment by learning from others and past experience. Buck learned the Law of Club when the man in the red sweater beat him and Buck never forgot about that. Buck also learned from Curly that once you are struck down you cannot get up and that is the end of you, Law of Fang. The Law of Fang stated “Once down, that is the end of you. Well, he would see it that he never went down.” (Pg.15 P=2) Capricorn asked questions and, even though he was fed lies Cap adapted to his new lifestyle. Asking questions helped because it taught him what to do, what not to do ect, making it easier on him. Cap also adapted by using coping and calming techniques from Rain such as meditating and Tai Chi. This helped Cap adapt by relieving him off all the new things he had to do such planning the dance and being told to learn everyone’s name at the school.

Both Buck and Cap changed as they adapted and as the stories progressed. At first, Perrault made him booties for his feet because he wasn’t used to the new terrain. The booties also gave him more endurance and as time progressed he did not need them anymore. As he adapted he got into better physical shape, became more wild and “dog smart.” An example of him becoming more dog smart was when he learned to never mess with anyone with a club and if he does he will...
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