Capital Budgeting

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BA 210-Management Principles

Chapters Discussion Questions

Chapter 1 Discussion Questions

Q. 7Is efficiency or effectiveness more important to organizational performance? Can managers improve both simultaneously?

Efficiency is the use of minimal resources to produce a desired volume of output. Effectiveness is the measure by which the organizations achieve their goals.
It is my belief that both are equally important. Efficiency and effectiveness are critical to success of the organization. A company is not well rounded if they are not efficiently using resources to provide service or a product to customer that they will value. I reflect back on a previous employer. When first employed there were 5 individuals applying payments, handling departmental deposits, filing, answering phone calls, answering questions, typing letter (and many other financial related duties). After some shifts in the workplace, it soon was reduced to two doing handling the workload. I soon felt as if I was the only one because the other individual arrived to work late, left work early, surfed the internet, and talked on the phone (and many other work and non-work related activities). Though I was able to handle the workload my ability to stay effective diminished. Multiple of errors reduced the quality of my work, ultimately resulting in talks with the boss. As wells as, my co-workers ability to be efficient with time while on the clock, lowered our ability to complete jobs in a timely manner. Q. 8A college professor told her students, “The purpose of a management course is to teach students about management, not to teach them to be managers.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Discuss.

I do agree with this statement. A management course is to give insight on different managing styles, success and failures of different managers, give insight of what management entails and to help the individual figure out their managing technique. However, this course does not teach individuals how to be managers. Like many things you have to apply what you learn in order to find your own rhythm (within respect to the rules and regulations of that company). This course does not require individuals to manage over a team or a project. This course does not provide hands on experience of being a manager.

Until individuals are in the role of being a manager, what they learn are tools that they can apply when in a management position. Manager’s jobs entail a wide range of duties that a semester of management does not cover all possible scenarios, outcomes, techniques and resources.

Chapter 2 Discussion Questions

Q. 4What steps could a company take to avoid making product design and marketing mistakes when introducing new products into India? How would you go about hiring a plant manager for a facility you are planning to build in India?

The first thing a company would want to do before entering a market of another country is RESEARCH. Companies should not assume that what works for one targeted group will work for every target group. A company should understand the culture, their values and belief system. What is considered an insult and what is considered a token of much gratitude and appreciation. A company should consider health and law regulations of that area. What is considered illegal and what is considered lawful. The company should research the disposal aspect of their product in that country; environmental issues and concerns. The company needs to understand the workforce and how they respond to management in order to pick the best candidate to manage the company’s workforce.

After understanding the culture, I would take gender and age into consideration. More women are entering the workforce, as well as the young; however, there is great respect of elders. I would select an individual who is fluent in the culture of India, fluent in the laws of India and fluent in managing...
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