Action Plan: How to Become a Master Manager

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Action Plan: How to become a Master Manager?

1. Describe the learning goals you defined for the Management Skills course and explain the reasoning of each goal.

I want to be more persuasive powerful communicator and defend my point of view in a clear understandable way. To my mind communication is one of the main parts of people’s everyday life. It is even more important to know how to talk to different people if you work in the team or lead the organization. As for me powerful communicator is the one who listens to others, substantiates her point of view clearly and in understandable way, gives good examples of what she is talking about, has a good background knowledge on the topic, is confident and uses also body language and other persuasion techniques during her talk and is willing to listen to any comments or remarks if someone doesn’t agree with her. To be more persuasive during my talk I want to:

- learn more about persuasion techniques;
- keep the eye contact with the audience;
- think about clear explanation of my views or decisions.

I want to learn and practice how to give an effective oral feedback on the process/product in the best way. I think when I reach this goal I will give short specific understandable and structured feedback on the process/product, employing the sandwich method, substantiate own words about strong and weak points of the process/product and give recommendations how to improve it. To give the effective oral feedback on the process/product I have to: - be more confident and don’t feel nervous during the talk in front of a big group; - learn more about the process/product beforehand, be well prepared for giving the feedback; - prepare the order of presenting key points of feedback; - give people enough time for a response to my feedback. The skill of giving feedback is a very important skill for a manager. It is important to indicate positive points and mistakes in the people’s work when the project is running and provide them with the information about the ways for improvement. In such a way you will get better results at the end of the project.

I want to learn how to manage my time and keep my appointments. Time management is an essential part of the managerial job. It helps to improve the overall effectiveness of the working process. I want to deliver well prepared assignments and high quality products within an appointed time and not to be in stress before the deadlines. To manage my time effectively I have to:

- clearly define the priorities in my work;
- delegate not important tasks;
- plan all my activities beforehand;
- keep the record of my time.
After fulfilling these steps I will meet all the deadlines easily.

I believe that reaching these learning goals will help me to become a good manager in my future job.

2. Describe your management ambitions with use of the following question: What characterizes a ‘master’ manager in your point of view? Look back on what you have learned in this course and reflect on that.

The master manager should have a clear vision of organization mission and goals and share this vision with her subordinates. The master manager is the person who combines different managerial roles in herself. This person can critically analyze information as well as create sound ideas, and motivate other people for work. This person makes clear substantiated decisions and divides the tasks within the team in the way to get the best results. The master manager always has up-to-date information what is happening in the organization and how is the process going. The master manager is involved in the working process, not just observing it, at the same time inspiring her employees to follow her suit and do a good job. This is the person who is respected by other employees. The master manager should be a responsible person highly committed to the job that she is doing. The master manager should possess an...
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