Capacity Building

Topics: Non-profit organization, Management, Organization Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: March 15, 2011
The term "Capacity Building" may be easily misunderstood. It has much wider meaning than is understood in general sense. What it then really means and how useful it is for an organization? Find an answer in the article. I’m presently working on a research project closely related to the title in use. So, I felt like understanding the term ‘Capacity Building’ first before I can conduct further study on which I’m able to suggest appropriate measures for the ‘Capacity Building’ of personnel working in my organization. With some idea developed through internet sources, I felt the necessity of additional reading on the subject—‘Capacity Building’. This took me to the library of my organization where I consulted one of my colleagues working as ‘Officer in Charge’ of the library. He came up with an instant help and handed me the book under reference (Capacity Building in Non Profit Organization). I thanked him and started vertical reading of the book immediately. The very index and contents inside attracted me. And I could understand that I’ve got the right book indeed.

My initial understanding of the term ‘Capacity Building’–developing organizations skill and performance through mainly developing the professional skills of its human resources– started getting changed as I started going through the book seriously. After reading the book, my initial idea on ‘Capacity Building’ proved to be inadequate. In the subsequent paragraphs, I would try to communicate to readers what ‘Capacity Building’ really means, and how useful it is for an organization. Meaning of ‘Capacity Building’

Capacity building is a holistic term which encompasses seven important and different, but interdependent elements of an organization. These are: three higher level elements i.e. aspirations, strategy, and organizational skills; three foundational elements i.e. human resources, organizational structure, and systems and infrastructures; and the last element, i.e. cultural element. These seven...
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