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Cannibalism is a violation of some of the deepest taboos such as, incest, bestiality and necrophilia. It has been called the tradition of savages and is known for the sign of ultimate depravity. But despite the stigma, human beings have opted to eat their own kind. Sometimes, in order to survive. In this research, the various forms of cannibalism such as criminal cannibalism, ancient cannibalism and survival cannibalism will be reviewed. This research will also aim to find out the underlying foundation behind the act of cannibalism. What drives someone to eat their own kind and the people who have survived by consuming human flesh.

Literature Review

"Well-built men, 18-30, who would like to be eaten by me" was the typical advertisement Armin Meiwes posted out on personal websites. After hundreds of false starts, he found a willing partner, 43 year old Bernd-Jurgen Brandes. Both men met on 9th March , 2001.With Brandes high on painkillers, Meiwes removed the man's penis with a knife. He flambéed it, and the two ate it together. Bleeding heavily, he eventually lost consciousness, Meiwes then slit his throat, butchered him and ate a little more of the man's flesh. Over the course of the next few months, Meiwes consumed 44 pounds of Brandes' dead body. The cannibal was eventually arrested and tried amid a media frenzy.

Cannibalism is the nonconsensual consumption of another humans body matter. There are no laws against cannibalism but the act of cannibalism does violate laws against murder and desecration of corpses. In Germany, just like in many western countries, there are no laws that prohibit cannibalism. Instead, Meiwes and other in-famous cannibals, such as Albert Fish and Jeffrey Dahmer, was only convicted for the killing, not the eating. Committing murder is wrong and it’s known to be illegal in every country and since cannibalism exists beyond the law. It is taboo.

Although it is not as common for killers to eat their...
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